Melbourne: Old Kingdom Peking Duck

I am crazy about food – that bad that my good friend called me the hangry monster. So of course when I have 3 weeks of studying to do before exam time, I spent my every night reading about plenty of good food fiesta in Melbourne, understandably. And I have been craving for peking duck so bad. The last time I had it was when I was in Jakarta, that means… 2 years ago? Damn. What have I done with my life.

So I started my peking duck quest and found 2 contenders: Simon’s Peking Duck in Boxhill and Old Kingdom Peking Duck in Fitzroy. As there is no way I am going as far as Boxhill for food – I may on one warm sunny day in foreseeable future – it is just not the time now. So Old Kingdom it is. Plus all the other real food bloggers raved about it that much, it must be just the best.

I made reservation for a table of three and one peking duck – yes you need to reserve the peking duck. Luckily I did that, the restaurant was so full when I came there. Also, it looks like a legit chinese restaurant (or at least according to my friend) since all the tables are so close to one another and you can barely move and it just have that vibe, you know.

Oh and of course I forgot to bring my camera, so yes I am going to post crappy phone pictures, so proud of myself.


Anyway we ordered the peking duck banquet, which is 1 whole duck that are separated into 3 different courses:

  • Peking duck (duck skin + thin pancake + condiments + hoisin sauce)
  • Duck meat with beansprout and dry noodles
  • Duck bones soup


The peking duck was good. The skin so crispy, the meat so tender. Also I like the fact that the skin has some meat in it, unlike if I order it in Jakarta where you only got the skin and that’s it. It’s also very close to the one I had in beijing in Bian Yi Fang couple of years ago. How do I know that? I looked at my old blog post in my other blog where I posted about Bian Yi Fang. Anyway.

IMG_20170618_020522_661 (1)

My only complaint is the the pancake is a bit… Okay it’s not a complaint, it’s good. But the pancake can be better, even though I can’t explain how that is. But peking duck, is a swell! You won’t disappoint if you come there.


The second course, the duck meat with beansprout and dry noodles, was so much better than it sounds. I thought at first, what, it was gonna be a let down because who eats duck meat with BEANSPROUT and liking it. Apparently, me and everyone else in my table. If you’re wondering how it tasted, it tasted like ifumie. You know that dry noodles with thick soup on it and some meat? Exactly that, except that the noodles are 70% wetter. I like ifumie, and by extension I like that ‘duck ifumie’.


The last couse was the duck bone soup. It was okay. It was a nice ending to this three courses meal.

Verdict is: come there if you want peking duck. Reserve in advance for you table AND the peking duck. Expect the place to be casual and super efficient; oh and your server will have some good smile and laugh every time you try to take pictures and instagram stories.


Over and out-





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